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The Fun Ride is a casual, relaxed ride

The Fun Ride on the Tour de Lavender is for cyclists looking for a more casual, relaxed ride. The route is over mostly level terrain, and most of it is on the car-free Olympic Discovery Trail, the Peninsula’s crown jewel of scenic bikeways.

34 Mile Loop

The complete loop is 34 miles, and even beginner cyclists have, in the past, used this to chalk up a personal best as a stepping-stone to more demanding rides. But you don’t have to commit to the entire 34 miles! On the Fun Ride you have multiple options that let you find your “Goldilocks” distance and pace–not too hard, not too easy, not too far, not too short…just right.

Visit Lavender Farms

The Fun Ride route heads east at the start and you can visit many different lavender farms if you ride the whole loop: Purple Haze, Jardin du Soleil, Olympic Heritage Lavender, The Lavender Connection, B&B Family Lavender Farm, Martha Lane Lavender, Kitty B’s Lavender Farm, Victor’s Lavender, and Washington Inn & Lavender Estate.

Along the way, you’ll have abundant views of open prairie, water, and mountains. Short side-trips to visit the 3 Crabs Wetlands Reserve and the Dungeness Wildlife Refuge, both of which offer stunning views north across the Salish Sea to the San Juan Islands and Canada. If you’re lucky you might even be rewarded with the special appearance of seals or orcas playing close-in to shore.

Ride the entire 34-mile route, or divide it into smaller pieces with a loop to a select group of farms or one or more “out-and-back” treks to individual farms. Each farm has a dedicated Tour de Lavender support station offering snacks, beverages, and quick access to mechanical support if your bike needs it. Each farm also has its own unique character, but all are dedicated to making your visit a memorable experience and truly “cyclist-friendly.”

The Fun Ride is perfect for families! It’s a cycling adventure the kids will love!


Event registrations are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.

One ticket covers both rides.  Ticket holder can ride either Metric Century or Fun Ride–your choice

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