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Washington Lavender

965 Finn Hall Road
Port Angeles, WA 98362
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Take a step back in time at Washington Lavender, located at George Washington Inn & Estate.

Our B&B Inn and lavender farm enjoy panoramic views of both the ocean and the Olympic Mountains.

Drive up the lavender-lined lane, stroll through the lavender fields, and discover the oceanfront labyrinth and seasonal wildflowers.

In addition to bath and body products, the gift shop features a variety of culinary lavender products including honey, jams, syrups, teas, spices, and recipes from the B&B.

All products are handcrafted on site with our own essential oil and lavender bud.

Washington Lavender Farm is unique in many ways. Since it is located on the grounds of George Washington Inn & Estate, the lavender has been planted to landscape the grounds rather than being confined to a single field.

With over 5000 plants in the ground and about ten different varieties, you’re sure to see lavender wherever you are on the farm.

Brilliant wildflowers accent the lavender-lined lane, and the ocean serves as a backdrop to the labyrinth.

All of this set against the backdrop of the Mount Vernon-replica George Washington Inn B&B.

The farm’s gift shop features a wide variety of products, all handcrafted on the farm using our own essential oil and lavender bud.

Choose from “Martha’s Own” lavender bath and body products, jams, honey, syrups, teas, spices, biscuit and scone mix, hot chocolate mix, and much more.

In season, cut your own lavender bundle.

The shop is open every day Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Hours are 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday – Saturday, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm on Sunday.

Open year-round by appointment. Call (360) 452-4877

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